Pole Bending Bases, Set of 6

Pole Bending Bases, Set of 6

Diamond D Ranch LLC

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Pole Bending Bases, Set of 6

The original, heavy solid rubber pole bending bases.

These bases are solid rubber which makes them a heavy base and there isn't a place to fill them with sand. An excellent choice as they are an effective and safe practice choice, AND... these bases are unbreakable.

Simply purchase PVC pipe and cut your own to fit.   
Manufacturer recommends: 1 1/2" SCH 40 PVC pipe in 7' lengths

Set of 6

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Customer Reviews

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Wow deleting bad reviews?

This is my second review. I wouldn’t buy these pole bases. They are flimsy and do not withstand wind or being touched/bumped at all.

Very poor, very flimsy DO NOT BUY

Since my first review got taken down, here we go again. DO NOT BUY THESE POLE BASES OR ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY. Bought these bases to replace the old ones at our local gymkhana club and they can’t hold a pole up straight. When people run by them they wobble and end up sideways, if a breeze comes they fall over, and are so filmsy you can basically fold them in half. It took a week of emailing before I was able to find the owner on Facebook to get a response. She told me to just put dirt over them or put concrete in the bottom to make them functional. When I told her that those are not reasonable options for brand new product she said we could return them but lose all of our costs on shipping and that’s the “best” she could do for the defective product they sold us. Now our club doesn’t have enough money to buy pole bases and she’ll get the bases back and be able to sell them to another unsuspecting club. Hopefully this review doesn’t get taken down like my last one.

Great pole bases

I love these pole bases. I waited a long time to order them. They are great, I have not had an issue them. I use them in my personal arena and have hauled them to our local arena.. I would definitely buy again. Fast shipping and great customer service.
Always them ordering from this company.

Kelli Petty
Pole Bending Bases

They are perfect and exactly what our rodeo club has been looking for. They are solid rubber, which is very hard to find. Alexis is great to work with too!

New Pole Bases for Colorado High School Rodeo

Little Hart Equine & Tack was one of the only Companies I could find that had the Pole Bases we needed and a Great price.