About Us

Little Hart Equine & Tack LLC is owned solely by a young cowgirl trying to live out her dreams. The owner, Alexis Hart is a coming 30 year old, with an everlasting passion for all things Western!! Born & raised in Nevada, but a part of her journey planted her now in the heart of Minnesota on the outskirts of the twin cities. Alexis has been riding horses her entire life. She spent all of her adolescent years enjoying rodeo and was quite competitive. Still to this day, she is training horses and barrel racing in her free time. Now she dreams to enjoy the industry as a whole through her equine supply shop. 

Her goal is simple: to support the horse industry by supplying quality products at the fairest price possible. We all know the challenging times of affording horses and giving them the absolute best (because that's what we all do). Alexis wants to create a shopping atmosphere that has all horse owners' interests and needs at heart. After all that is a big part of the name!

It was easy deciding on the name for the store. This entire journey was inspired entirely on the love that Alexis has for the industry and the people that are a part of it. With the last name Hart, it was basically handed to her. The "Little" part of it, is simply based on her being the baby of the family! And there you have it: Little Hart Equine & Tack

The owner of the shop is no different than any other horse owner. She loves the horses, she loves the sport, she loves the people, & she would do anything to support the industry and see it grow! This is why we ask that you support the small businesses owned by owners just like you as much as you can.

So, if you're looking for a place that has your back, you can count on Little Hart Equine & Tack.