5 Star McKinney Saddle Pad

5 Star McKinney Saddle Pad



5 Star McKinney Saddle Pad

The 5 Star McKinney Saddle Pad is a complete knock-out that was designed with cowboys and cowgirls in mind.The McKinney pad is constructed from the highest quality wool available on the market and has been dyed a gorgeous deep red. This pad features custom full length wear leathers in black and metallic silver crocodile. Made with a contoured and conformed fit and a cutout at the withers. 7/8" thick, 30" x 30".

No extra pads or blankets are necessary with the 5 Star Saddle Pads. Double padding can create movement and slippage, which is usually compensated for by over-cinching. The fit of the 5 Star pads allows for less cinching and minimal saddle movement. Research has proven that wool pads provide the best compression protection for properly or improperly fitted saddles.

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  • Brand: 5 Star
  • Type: Saddle Pad
  • Size: 30" x 30"
  • Color: Red w/Black & Silver Croc Wear Leathers