Tendon Saver Light Therapy - Battery Powered

Tendon Saver Light Therapy - Battery Powered


SKU: IR2-Tendon

Self-contained and stand-alone the TendonSaver operates on three “AA” alkaline batteries and DOES NOT need to be connected to the RevitaVet™ main system.  The unit contains 60 visible red 650nm diodes.  The sturdy straps wrap around the area that needs to be treated for hands-free operation. Treatment time as little as 15 minutes.  TendonSaver can be used on multiple horses per day.  It can be used on existing problems as well as a preventive maintenance device.  It is strongly indicated for competitive horses that stress their legs constantly. 

The Tendon/Shin Saver addresses these common ailments:

  • Sore shins
  • Suspensory & other ligaments
  • Deep and superficial flexor tendons
  • Bowed tendons
  • Splints
  • Gaskins
  • 1 year Limited Warranty & Product Guarantee

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