Thin Red Line Body Bling

Thin Red Line Body Bling

Equine Body Bling

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A unique way to show off your style and attitude! Our non-toxic self adhesive designs are quick and easy to apply. What a great way to round out your horse's look with an Equine Body Bling sticker! Match 'em with your cowgirl bling or your horse's tack, saddle pad, and bell boots! 

Carefully remove designs from release paper and place on clean, dry, product free desired area of horse. Body Bling designs are long lasting and leave no adhesive residue. For easy removal, peel design with direction of hair. During winter months bling will last from 5-10 days. During the summer months bling will last from 2-4 days. (Note) Hand made custom designs are not guaranteed for longer than recommended adhesion, due to the materials used in the creation.